Bonus Friday Fail Compilation part 3 || June 2013 || Monthly Fails


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Hello Guys!

Let’s watch another part of fail compilation! Today we start really hard – with crush nuts
fail, I laughed but also felt kind of phantom pain between legs when watching this… poor
dude, isn’t he… hope he recovers soon. Next we can see how to drive the pavement without paying respect to pedestrians, hopefully they are really quick (00:12). The strange accident happened to the crane (01:07) I didn’t realized that a crane can catch a fire… Thumbs up for brother showing his sister the shortest way to the swimming pool (01:32). Today the Grand Reward for creative stupidity belongs to dude, who put himself on fire (LOL) (01:24). And a bad luck winner is a teacher (01:41) who also catches some fire 😀 ..epic! Watch other fails and don’t hesitate to comment them, I’m really fond of reading what you think about it. See you on Tuesday and for those, who haven’t done it yet – Guys! subscribe Monthly Fails, thanks!


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